Trading Whispers Dominating your Industry!

Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge at DuskLast year for business:

  • 67% of all Australian internet searches came from a smart phone
  • Businesses or all shapes, sizes and forms had over 20 million app downloads

Are you using the latest technology? If not your competitors are. 


I’m Kerrie Mercel and for the past 25 years I have been a small business owner. I’ve worked in retail, wholesale, in the service, events and the hospitality industry.

kezAs you probably know small businesses take huge risks dealing with effective marketing, clients, laws and regulations. We are also hammered with market fluctuations like the massive down turn following the GFC.

My life certainly has had its challenges. I became divorced after 22 years of marriage, had a daughter to take care of, a mortgage to pay and bills left over from the previous business.

I needed to do something different and fast. I chose to combine my I.T. skills with my business experience to help people working in the small business, just like you. I spent years researching, looking for profitable digital solutions that were easy to use, help clients immensely and make a huge profit for the business.

logos.fwMy small business solution has been so successful locally that my company is expanding nationally. We can now help businesses just like you to massively increase their bottom line by saving time and selling more products or services.

The way I see it small business has 3 main challenges.

  1. They can’t find enough clients,
  2. They aren’t making enough profit,
  3. Or they are short on time so they are struggling servicing their clients

What they need is a system that automates clients, referrals and most importantly returning clients.
Many business owners spend massive amounts of time and money on “give it a go marketing” or are out networking. They are spending $1,000’s on marketing and other forms of advertising each week expecting to generate sales. I don’t know what you spend on marketing however I know many businesses that are spending in excess of $10,000 per month and still hoping.


How insane, especially when we can show you that you can easily attract dozens of clients for little or no cost.

We can totally streamline your business sales system. Within the first 4 weeks of working with us, you will notice you have more time, and more sales because you will have more clients. Then in approximately 12 weeks we will offer to give you all the money invested in our system back.


Yes, we have a unique system that value adds to your business while setting up referrals. At the same time making you money.
We are the only company that offers a product that is focused on increasing revenue for your business. Our end goal is to make you money. We want your business and totally understand that if you are earning massive amounts of income, much more than you are paying us, you will be a client for life.

testimonial 2

This is why we only want to work with businesses who desire to be the “top business in their industry”. The owner who has the vision to be the best of the best, is this you? Depending upon how large your local area is, and how many of your type of businesses there are in that area, we may just chose one business to work with. We do not want our clients competing against each other, that’s why we are very selective on whom we take on board.

testimonial 3

testimonial leads 2We only work with trailblazers.

Our focus is on pure domination, we don’t play games to win by one goal; we play to smash the competition out of the field. We want you to dominate your area, we want you to offer your clients a product that they just can’t refuse, that nobody else is offering them.

kezWell you have seen the results of our work, if you would like to be the business we work with you should call us right now.

Someone is going to reply, and someone is going to call me today. I’m showing every business I can this information. The first person to call will be the first person we consider working with. As you are reading this information now it may just be you.

Give me a call today so we can see if we can do business together!

Kerrie Mercel

Chief  Enthusiast

P.S. There are just too many examples of different industries for me to show you here however I have put together a couple of short videos for the real estate industry to give you an example of what this could do for your business. Have a look here!

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